15+ Truyện đam mỹ ngược nổi tiếng hay nhất 2023

Bạn đang xem: 15+ Truyện đam mỹ ngược nổi tiếng hay nhất 2023 tại Kotex Pro Romance stories have many genres. And those who love love language will be no stranger to reverse love stories. …

Bạn đang xem: 15+ Truyện đam mỹ ngược nổi tiếng hay nhất 2023 tại Kotex Pro

Romance stories have many genres. And those who love love language will be no stranger to reverse love stories. It can be said that this is the type of story that is fascinated by the male and female fans. It brings unexpected and engaging story details that will help you have many “suffocating” moments. Together with Kotex Pro, immediately update the top 15 best new reverse love stories that are highly appreciated by many people.

Long time no see

  • Author: North and South
  • Genre: Romance, urban modern, broken mirror heals, reverse passion HE
  • Main characters: Gu Cieu Ngon, Trang Pham Tam
  • Number of chapters: 98 chapters

Our list of reverse passion comics is not to be missed. The story revolves around a beautiful but sad love story between the two main characters named Cieu Ngon and Trang Pham Tam.

Co Cieu Ngon and Trang Pham Tam are two friends from next door. From a young age, Ngo Cheen Ngon was attracted to Trang Pham Tam because of his pure and innocent beauty.

The two spent their childhood together. Together, they have overcome many joys and sorrows in life. Gradually, it can be said that this is an impressive childhood love in the hearts of both.

After some time, for some reason, Pham Tam moved with his family to another place and Gu Chenyan stayed alone. And much later, Trang Pham Tam called to announce that he had a lover. Since then, the relationship of the two has also cut off contact with each other.,

Proverbs Against Decision

  • Author: Thuy Thien Thua
  • Genre: Reverse Romance
  • Main characters: Nguyen Duong, Co Thanh Bui
  • Chapter number: Updating

Cam Phong Opposite Decision is a reverse passion story following the motif of “before the trees, after the contrary”. The story made a strong impression with the famous male cast.

Proverbs Against Decision

The story is about the main character Nguyen Duong. This person has an impulsive temperament, a bit impulsive and somewhat young. That’s why Nguyen Duong did not make a good impression on many people.

In contrast to Nguyen Duong, Co Thanh Bui has a mature and calm demeanor. He is a good manager. Therefore, Nguyen Duong Hunt’s father welcomed him back to work.

He also assigned his son Co Thanh Bui to Nguyen Duong to teach and manage. Although not impressed, the two fell in love with each other.

Nguyen Duong and Co Thanh Bui loved each other for a while, but were discovered by Nguyen Duong’s father. He did everything to prevent this love and forced Co Thanh Bui to leave the company.

On Nguyen Duong’s side, he was extremely heartbroken. Nguyen Duong is still longing and single-mindedly waiting for Co Thanh Bui to return.


  • Author: Damn Danger
  • Genre: Romance, Ancient, Thanh Mai Bamboo Code, HE
  • Main characters: Doan Lang, Luc Tu Van
  • Number of chapters: 20 chapters

Zhe Chi’s retro romance manga has 20 chapters. The content of the story is about Doan Lang. He is a teenage boy. Ever since he was a child, he was caught in the devil’s cult.


In magic. Doan mausoleum had the opportunity to meet Luc Tu Van and Luc Tu Ngon. These two are fraternal twins.

Doan Lang has a special affection for Luc Tu Ngon. He was impressed by Luc Tu Ngon’s gentleness and behavior towards him. In contrast, Doan Lang was always bullied by Luc Tu Van and often caused difficulties.

Although they are quite similar twins, Doan Lang has never had any confusion between Luc Tu Van and Luc Tu Ngon.

After going through many things, Doan Lang finally had a special love for Luc Tu Ngon. However, the story’s content had a turning point when Luc Tu Van fell in love with Doan Lang.

Substitute Occupation

  • Author: Thuy Thien Thua
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Entertainment, Substitute, Reincarnation, Reverse, HE
  • Main characters: Yen Minh Tu, Chu Tuong
  • Number of chapters: 121 chapters

Prominent in the genre of love stories, the story of Job in the World has the content of a deep love. However, it also carries many injustices of the two main characters named Yen Minh Tu and Chu Tuong.

Substitute Occupation

A person who is wholeheartedly devoted to love, may be willing to sacrifice for the one he loves. Meanwhile, the other person is quite hot-tempered, a bit arrogant and always puts his heart out of the story.

With that opposite, where will their love go? The movie can give you a lot of details.

Current Year Li Tao

  • Author: Ha Han
  • Genre: Romance, Historical, Royal Struggle, Reincarnation, HE
  • Main characters: Zhou Tang, Lac Binh
  • Number of chapters: 70 chapters

Contemporary Nien Ly Tao is a passionate story that brings many emotions to viewers. The story is about Lac Binh. Previously, Lac Binh was a prime minister. He has power and position.

Current Year Li Tao

Because of being accused, Lac Binh died tragically. After that, he was reincarnated again. Lac Binh was the teacher of the little prince named Chu Duong.

With the experience of dying and coming back to life, Lac Binh is always careful in every situation so as not to make the same mistakes as in his previous life.

He changes everything in itself. However, the love between the two lives still made Lac Binh feel pain in his heart.


  • Author: Cong Tu Hoan
  • Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Contradictory, HE
  • Main character: Khong Hoa (Chu Zejun), Tang Mo
  • Number of chapters: 10 chapters + 1 chapter of the violin

Diem Devil is definitely the name of a reverse passion story that fans who love this genre cannot miss. The series is considered to have light and leisurely content. However, hidden in it contains content messages. It makes the reader feel and understand his heart.


The story begins with the character Khong Hoa. Khong Hoa is the head of the underworld. He received a mission to come to earth to find the magic treasure Xing Thien.

In the world, Khong Hoa encounters a ghost who is wandering and has not been liberated. This ghost is called the Flame Demon.

The truth is that Diem Devil and Khong Hoa have known each other for 300 years before that. The stories between two lives make both Khong Hoa and Diem Devil fall into many good situations. Read on to keep up with the story!

Lac Tri

  • Author: Du Trinh
  • Genre: Romance, modern, broken mirror heals again, before reverse, after reverse, HE
  • Main characters: Cheng Fei Chi, Diep Kham
  • Number of chapters: 84 chapters

Lac Tri reverse love story tells about two main characters named Trinh Phi Tri and Diep Kham. The story begins with the unfinished love between two people. Diep Kham wanted to take revenge on Trinh Phi Tri, so he played a prank. Unexpectedly, it was he who was hooked. Diep Kham at this time was impressed by the rare special gentleness of Trinh Phi Tri.

Lac Tri

The two meet, bring each other warmth, help each other overcome the loneliness of an unhappy family. I thought that the love between the two was very beautiful until it was reported that Trinh Phi Tri was just a toy for Diep Kham.

Because of this, Phi Tri firmly said goodbye. He chose to go abroad.

I Give Birth To The General

  • Author: Quat Miao Ca Ca
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Life and Death Literature, Before and After Contrasting, HE
  • Main characters: Co Phong, Du Bao Nguyen
  • Chapter number: 287 chapters

I gave birth to a child for the General Tai is a love story or a love story that is appreciated by many people. The film builds the image of the character Du Bao Nguyen who has a sharp tongue. He’s the type of person who is clear, loves and hates clearly, and is not weak at all.

I Give Birth To The General

The beginning of the story I gave birth to a child for General Tai is the fact that Du Bao Nguyen went to the hospital to check. The doctor diagnosed him as pregnant. In fact, this is a rare thing.

Regarding work, Du Bao Nguyen is Co Phong’s assistant.

There’s a Fool named Khai Tam

  • Author: Gentle Scorpio
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Nostalgia
  • Main characters: Lam Khai Tam (Thu), Hoang Duc Nghiem (Cong)
  • Number of chapters: 6 (completed)

As one of the popular love stories against the contrary, There is a Fool named Khai Tam will be the name to help you satisfy your passion. The story is a series of tearful episodes. There is a Fool named Khai Tam tells the painful love story of Lam Khai Tam for Hoang Duc Nghiem.

There's a Fool named Khai Tam

Talking about Khai Tam, he is an insurance worker. Work and life just revolve around a series of ordinary salaried days.

Until one day Lam Khai Tam met Hoang Duc Nghiem. Since then, his life has been completely turned upside down. Khai Tam fell in love with Hoang Duc Nghiem at that moment.

He has defied all barriers as well as all difficulties to pursue his love. However, in the end, what Lam Khai Tam received was all suffering and bitterness.

Flower vase

  • Author: Damn Danger
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Entertainment, Contradictory, HE
  • Main characters: Qin Zhiyuan, Co Ngon
  • Number of chapters: 66 chapters

Binh Hoa revolves around the content of the main characters named Co Ngon and Qin Tri Vien. Qin Zhiyuan was the one who made Co Ngon’s heart flutter. On the screen, Co Ngon can be an incompetent actor. However, in real life he is an outstanding artist.

Flower vase

Although Co Ngon’s affection for Qin Tri Vien is quite large, on the surface, he still shows that he has no feelings.

Luan Nhan Thu Dai Ky

  • Author: Thu Ha Nhi
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Contradictory
  • Main characters: Dam Trong Hai, Coc Dien
  • Number of chapters: 10 chapters (completed)

Luan Nhan Thu Dai Ky is considered by many to be a good reverse love story that you should not ignore. The story of the love story of Dai Ky is about the love story of Coc Dien and Dam Trong Hai. Coc Dien did not regret his body, ready to sacrifice everything to get the love of Dam Trong Hai.

Luan Nhan Thu Dai Ky

However, Dam Trong Hai is still stubborn with his love for his ex, which has hurt Coc Dien. When he realized Coc Dien’s feelings, he lost him forever.

Luyen Nhan Thu Dai Ky brings readers a tearful story. If you love the tragic and sad story genre, then Luyen Nhan Thu Dai Ky is a suggestion worth reading.

Pham Tam Dai Dong

  • Author: Damn Danger
  • Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Light Reverse, HE
  • Main characters: Diep Thanh, Truong Trieu Huyen
  • Number of chapters: 30 chapters

Pham Tam Dai Dong is a gentle love story in reverse. The content of the story opens with the encounter between the gods and the mortals.

Pham Tam Dai Dong

The content of the story revolves around Truong Trieu Huyen descending to earth and meeting Diep Thanh right away. Many years passed, even though Truong Trieu Huyen did not remember who Diep Thanh was, Diep Thanh could not forget him.

When being received and treated kindly, Truong Trieu Huyen was a little shaken and flustered. I thought both of them would be happy, but at this time, Diep Thanh has entered a ghost, a demon god. Therefore, the two will hardly be able to go the same way.

The Piano Under the Fascist Sky

  • Author: Phong Tao Tao Tao Tao
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Contradictory
  • Main characters: Alpha, Gein
  • Number of chapters: 28 chapters (completed)

“The Piano Under the Fascist Sky” is a retro love story set during the Second World War. At this time, a warm and tragic love affair between the Austrian young man and the German soldier appeared.

The Piano Under the Fascist Sky

Their love is associated with a sacred duty to the Fatherland. Will their love be fulfilled or not?

He Called Me Black Lotus

  • Author: Bac Tuy Thap Ngu
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, Family, Contrasting, HE
  • Main characters: Co Ngon Sanh, Wen Nian Nam
  • Number of chapters: 246 chapters

He Calls Me Black Lotus Flower is the title of a love story that comes back to hurt people. The story He Calls Me Black Lotus Flower revolves around two main characters, Wen Nian Nam and Co Ngon Sanh.

He Called Me Black Lotus

Both have been married for a long time but they are not happy. The cause of this heartbreaking marriage was that there was another person in Co Ngon Sanh’s heart for a long time and that person was not Wen Nian Nam.

Despite being married for many years, Co Ngon Sanh still keeps a picture of that person as Shen Lac An. When Shen Luoan returned, Wen Niannan became even more a “redundant”.

Cancel Heart Spell

  • Author: Sui Feng Fei
  • Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Reverse, HE
  • Main characters: La Khoi, Lanh Vu
  • Number of chapters: 10 chapters

The reverse love story Cancel Tam Chu tells about Lanh Vu. He was originally the third prince of heaven. However, he accidentally fell in love with the head of the government. Because he wanted to be with the person he loved, he turned himself into La Khoi’s tail.

Cancel Heart Spell

He took every opportunity to tease La Khoi to get him to notice him. Despite Lanh Vu’s tail, La Khoi still kept his cool.


Recently, we have compiled to send you a list of 15 best reverse romance stories today. Each story brings a new emotional color and stands out for those who love the reverse passion genre. We hope that with the above suggestions, you will have a relaxing time to experience and enjoy the hottest stories of today.

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